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S E R V I C E P R O V I D E R l SUCCESS STORY l CONTACT AN EXPERT AUTOMATICALLY REDUCED MTTR BY 75% FOR 5G SUBSCRIBERS. To learn how to continuously improve MTTR for 5G services at the Edge. The Results NETSCOUT's TrueCall Solution Provided these benefits for this CSP's 5G network: • Proactive troubleshooting of RAN Issues • Reduced MTTR by 75% • Improved churn with automatic triaging of issues • Accelerated Launch of their 5G network with confidence The Details For this service provider, getting to root cause meant obtaining a meaningful breakdown of network data with relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for deeper insights. To acquire the right solution, they turned to NETSCOUT ® TrueCall ® Geo-Analytic application. Vendor-Agnostic solution: TrueCall enabled the team to apply vendor- agnostic workflows to automatically identify patterns for new and dropped 5G sessions, standardize configurations for 5G network equipment, discover 5G multi-vendor markets per subscribers, and to learn details about subscriber and cell behaviors. With these insights from TrueCall, this CSP was able to quickly determine root cause and reduced the impact of high overall 5G drop rates to subscribers. The Opportunity With deployment of 5G commercial networks on the rise, initial assessments of standard cell and subscriber performances for one large American Carrier Service Provider (CSP) 5G Non-Standalone network, revealed extremely high overall drop rates. In a complex network environment with multi- vendor devices, how will this CSP begin to triage possible root cause and determine impact to 5G subscribers? This CSP needs to understand device and cell behavior in their 5G network to continuously improve Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). Accelerate Your 5G Network Launch With Confidence 75% MTTR REDUCTION

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