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Close Coverage Gaps In Your 5G Network

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S E R V I C E P R O V I D E R l SUCCESS STORY l CONTACT AN EXPERT REDUCED OPEX AUTOMATICALLY IDENTIFY COVERAGE GAPS IN 5G NETWORKS. To learn how to reduce coverage gaps for 5G networks in near real time. The Results NETSCOUT's TrueCall Solution Provided these benefits for this CSP's 5G network: • Automatic identification of 5G coverage gaps • Reduced 5G drive testing • Launched 5G with confidence The Details To identify areas of inadequate coverage gaps, this CSP turned to NETSCOUT ® TrueCall ® Geo-Analytics solution. Automatic Discovery Of Coverage Gaps: TrueCall allowed the team to dynamically identify coverage gaps in near real time via a heatmap view. Applying this view, they were able to automatically pinpoint cell conditions using adjustments of antenna azimuts and tilts, as well as identify areas that needed additional cell deployments to optimize coverage gaps. Through these efforts, this service provider was empowered to reliably ensure coverages for new and additional cell sites, while minimizing drive test activities. The Opportunity One large Tier 1 Carrier Service Provider (CSP) carefully planned coverage for their 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) network by conducting drive test and ensuring the use of meaningful measurement thresholds to trigger usage of 5G NSA radio resources. However, recent evaluations showed their 5G NSA network coverage excluded 26% of subscribers. How will this CSP assure complete 5G coverage for all subscribers? This CSP needs to quickly resolve coverage gaps to launch 5G with confidence. Close Coverage Gaps In Your 5G Network

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