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Improve Network Stability and Accelerate DDoS Attack Mitigation

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S E R V I C E P R O V I D E R l SUCCESS STORY l CLICK HERE To learn how continuous monitoring with DDoS protection by NETSCOUT can improve operations team productivity and ensure ongoing network stability. The Results DDoS protection by NETSCOUT provided a unique combination of traffic monitoring, analysis and DDoS detection from a single platform. The deployment allowed the service provider to improve operations and employ preventative measures to ensure network stability and promote network growth. In addition, peering analysis functions offered cost-saving insights for the optimization of routes based on up-to-the-minute observed congestion between transit providers. This capability allowed the service provider to maintain continuity of service between served destinations and ensure best cost routing for higher traffic volumes. The Details DDoS protection by NETSCOUT ® provided faster access to more detailed traffic reports, more flexibility in reporting and more comprehensive detection and forensic capabilities. • Clarity of traffic visibility and optimized work flows allow network traffic to be easily analyzed in real time. • Peering analysis and transit reports provide a clear indication of traffic flow in, out and through the network allowing existing connectivity to be optimized. • Real-time DDoS alerting and detailed forensics allow threats to be identified, mitigated and investigated quickly and easily. The Opportunity A Japanese internet service provider needed to ensure conistent customer Quality of Experience in the face of a growing storm of DDoS activity. The service provider's legacy monitoring solution could no longer deliver the information needed to effectively optimize the network, as DDoS traffic caused inaccuracies in presented data. The service provider needed a new solution providing comprehensive, accurate traffic visibility as well as DDoS protection. Improve Network Stability and Accelerate DDoS Attack Mitigation CUSTOMERS DEMAND NETWORK AVAILABILITY 48% IDENTIFY DDOS ATTACKS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR CUSTOMER CHURN Increasing customer expectations around QoE drove the need for better monitoring and DDoS protection.

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