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Healthcare Identifies Cause of Access Issues to Oncology Application


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l USE CASE l E N T E R P R I S E However, there are many others that are used by smaller subsets of the medical community to support specialized services. One such service is an Oncology Information Systems (OIS) application used by the hospital's oncology department as a comprehensive patient management and information system for maintaining specific details, images, modeling, and treatment plans of cancer patients. One healthcare organization recently leveraged their nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance solution to quickly address an access problem with their OIS application. Failure Over the course of several hours, users attempting to connect to the healthcare's OIS application were having trouble. In fact, they were effectively unable to access the application, regardless of the device they were using. Impact The impact on the oncology staff was immediate and significant. The staff, including doctors, nurses, and clinicians, were unable to connect to the application to look up patient information and treatment plans or to update the records with details on medications and therapies administered. If the problem persisted for an extended period of time, the impact could be significant, requiring use of paper records possibly located in different parts of the hospital campus. This could delay critical, time-sensitive patient diagnosis, testing, and / or care. Troubleshooting The IT team at this healthcare was a long-time NETSCOUT ® user and relied on expertise and support from their Premium Services Engineer (PSE). They leveraged the nGeniusONE Service Assurance solution with strategically deployed InfiniStreamNG ® (ISNG) appliances throughout their private data center to provide visibility into this essential service. nGeniusONE alerts related to the OIS application indicated that it was experiencing a high number of "access denied errors," putting the IT staff on notice of a new problem to investigate. From the OIS service tile in the dashboard, the PSE was able to drill down into the service monitor view for details regarding the OIS application servers, which confirmed the significance of the problem. Building in intensity over the course of several hours, there were already millions of "access denied" errors. The information showed that the error message was in fact coming from the application server, which helped prove that the access issue was not related to remote connectivity like WAN or Internet access, or due to a network issue in the data center. Rather, it was in fact going to take intervention from the team responsible for the OIS application to rectify the situation. Healthcare Identifies Cause of Access Issues to Oncology Application Healthcare organizations have several very common, well-known, critical applications that are used by doctors, nurses, clinicians, and/or administrators and staff throughout the day. Some of those include electronic medical records (EMR), imaging, e-prescriptions, and more recently, telemedicine applications.

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