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l USE CASE l E N T E R P R I S E Issue The top priority in any adoption of SaaS by an organization is that the end-user experience needs to be as good or better than what the company's last application delivered to their users. SaaS providers sometimes set expectations for performance in the form of service level agreements. However, a key concern is the lack of visibility into the availability and performance of the SaaS applications from the end-user perspective. It is often difficult for IT to "see" what the user is experiencing and to determine the cause of latency and performance issues. When companies use a SaaS vendor, they have less control and depend on that 3rd-party for continuous uptime and service delivery. Management becomes that much more complicated due to the variety of places (corporate headquarters, regional offices, customer locations, cafes, or home offices) and access methods (ethernet or Wi-Fi) end users are trying to connect from. When slow, it can be challenging and prove difficult to pinpoint trouble spots. Organizations must ensure their business-critical communication and collaboration services such as Cisco Webex™, Microsoft ® Office 365 and Skype ® for Business, along with other SaaS services including, Workday ® , and others for VoIP, ERP, CRM, and Financial services, are always available to users. Impact When users at headquarters, remote sites, home offices, or other locations, cannot access the SaaS applications, they may not be able to provide timely customer service or collaborate with their peers. Even when they do have access, if the performance is delayed or poor quality, it will cause missed deadlines and eventually lost revenue. All of this leads to frustration, which results in multiple and escalating calls to the Help Desk for resolution. There is also frustration for the IT teams providing support. At times, they do not see the same issues from the headquarters as are being reported from remote users. They spend excessive time working to identify the problem and then communicating back and forth with various SaaS vendors and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to isolate the root-cause. nGeniusPULSE for SaaS Monitoring The use of SaaS applications for critical business services continues to grow. "Software as a Service (SaaS) will be the largest category of cloud computing, capturing more than half of all public cloud spending in throughout the forecast." (2019-2023) 1 While the advantages of rapid delivery, ease of access, and hardware cost savings are compelling and becoming expected in many organizations, SaaS usage can present challenges to IT teams. 1 Worldwide Public Cloud Services Spending Will More Than Double by 2023, According to IDC July, 3, 2019

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