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Case Study: Newark and Sherwood Homes

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After years of relying on network drives and traditional folder structures, the file management system was no longer fit for purpose as the organisation grew and adapted its ways of working. With duplicate documents across multiple locations and a lack of version control, finding, managing and sharing information across the organisation was a huge challenge. Kristin McIntosh, Project Research Officer at Newark & Sherwood Homes explains: "Data sits at the heart of everything we as a social housing company does. It could take our staff half a day to simply locate a document and we needed a solution that would help us source, access and control information across the whole organisation. If staff are not able to quickly locate information required by a tenant, member of the Board or our partners in a timely manner we are at risk of reputational damage. We identified this as an area for improvement and began looking for an alternative solution." ELIMINATING SILOED REPOSITORIES WITH NO MIGRATION Newark and Sherwood Homes' initial priority was to find a solution that would give them visibility and control over their corporate documents including ISO processes, accreditations, grant applications and board reports. As a second priority it needed a solution that could enable better management of tenant documents. "M-Files was identified as the perfect fit as it unifies content without disturbing existing systems or requiring data migration," added McIntosh. "We've seen so many benefits and made huge strides forward when it comes to being able to find and manage information." By shifting away from traditional folder structures and using metadata instead, staff can quickly and easily find, manage and share information across the organisation by simply describing what a document 'is' rather than needing to know where it is stored. This intuitive approach allows users to search by property, project, document type, date and more - and they can quickly see up to date information relating to their properties and tenants. IMPROVED VISIBILITY AND CONTROL With M-Files, the company now has control over the way documents are stored and managed, which has helped realise other benefits. For example, templates are used to prepopulate documents with key information from the metadata, ensuring quality and consistency. McIntosh explains: "If we're writing a letter to a tenant, we know we're using the right template with the correct information and it's all linked to the tenant record. If anyone needs it, they can quickly find it and that makes a big difference in our processing times - allowing us to provide a more efficient service to our tenants." "M-Files was identified as the perfect fit as it unifies content without disturbing existing systems or requiring data migration." - Kristin McIntosh, Project Research Officer, Newark & Sherwood Homes

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