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across 15,000 folders, and the amount of paperwork was rapidly outgrowing their current folder-based approach to managing them. "A lot of time was spent trying to locate documents in the association management division. Employees were constantly asking themselves questions such as, 'Could this document be in a tax folder or the accounting folder?'" said Matt Cook, IT manager at Borror Properties. "All property managers had physical boxes for each community, each with folders of paperwork, and we needed a modern approach to managing these documents." IMPLEMENTING AN INTELLIGENT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Fireproof Records, a company specializing in helping organizations better handle information, showed Cook several different document management solutions, from which Cook selected M-Files, an intelligent information management solution. "When I saw the product I immediately thought, 'That's exactly it, that's what I am looking for,'" continued Cook. "I liked the user interface and the simplicity. And I liked how robust it was; we could use it across multiple business departments to leverage the breadth of its document management features." The cloud-based M-Files implementation went smoothly, noted Cook. Users quickly began to adopt the new system, and all files were soon stored on remote servers. "Going digital immediately freed up so much space, because we no longer had boxes of files everywhere. One of our goals was to go paperless, and now we have greatly reduced printing because we can easily store and locate business critical documents within M-Files," said Cook. FireProof Records was able to quickly scan and file the contents of Borror Properties filing cabinets directly into M-Files. AUTOMATED WORKFLOWS STREAMLINE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT M-Files was first implemented in the Borror Properties association management division. The division has weekly property inspections across all its communities. This process once consisted of a special program where association managers would receive emails about their inspections. If an inspection had been completed, they would receive an email with an attachment. Managers would have to open each email, open an attached PDF, print it out, then mail it in. They could be getting 10 of these emails at a time, and the process of printing and combining all related documents was entirely manual. "M-Files is easy enough that it can be managed without specialized knowledge, and we have quickly expanded its use across our business....We have been growing into a flourishing organization with the M-Files platform at its core, and the possibilities are endless." - Matt Cook, IT manager, Borror Properties

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