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Dilip Rao, Manager, Business Technology, Austbrokers Countrywide, said, "The business worked in a very siloed fashion with each account manager's team using its own processes and systems. This meant each account manager was working to capacity, so it was difficult to grow the business without substantially increasing the size of the team. It also meant that teams were often slow to respond to clients because there was no central source of information." The siloed approach also introduced risk into the business by making it difficult to manage knowledge. If people left the business, they took their knowledge with them. Furthermore, it also meant that clients often had to contact three or four people to get an answer to a question. With no standardisation process or visibility for managing or nurturing customers, it was inefficient and costly for such a high-volume business to have so many touch points. Dilip Rao said, "It was tempting to jump straight into process adjustment to address these challenges but it was more important to view the business holistically and implement a transformation project that would fundamentally change how it works. To achieve the business's key goals, it was clear that the transformation had to focus on automation." The team determined that an automated approach would help reduce errors, improve efficiencies, and let staff members focus on high-value client interactions. THE SOLUTION After initially considering a traditional customer relationship management (CRM) solution, the Austbrokers Countrywide team identified that information and workflow management was actually the key priority. Austbrokers Countrywide considered a number of solutions including leading CRM platforms. While any of these could have solved some of the business's challenges, the costs would have been high and the customisations would have been unwieldy. Austbrokers Countrywide had an existing relationship with Upstream Solutions and discussed the challenge with the team. Upstream quickly recommended M-Files as the ideal solution. Dilip Rao said, "M-Files proved versatile and easy to use, as well as exceptionally customisable. The document management capability was excellent and the solution also provided all the CRM-related functionality the team had originally pinpointed as being important. Reporting is simple and M-Files integrates with other platforms and systems, so if the business eventually decides to implement a purpose-built CRM system, it can do so easily." M-Files digitalises and automates workflows that were previously manual, paper-based, and time-consuming for Austbrokers Countrywide. For example, the team had been managing its lead generation and nurturing efforts using email and notebooks with handwritten notes. This made it impossible to streamline the process or manage it centrally. If an employee wasn't managing their leads effectively or left the business, those opportunities wouldn't be converted. Using M-Files, Austbrokers Countrywide developed a workflow that manages leads centrally with notifications and escalations that ensure no opportunity goes unexplored. The business can manage staff performance against this information with escalation options that include copying a manager on missed opportunities. Dilip Rao said, "Keeping all leads and opportunities in a central location makes it easier to see what the pipeline looks like, allocate workloads to appropriate teams, and convert more opportunities to sales. Just by doing this, Austbrokers Countrywide has seen a significant increase in conversion rates, which contributes to the key goal of growing the business without adding more staff members." "To achieve the business's key goals, it was clear that the transformation had to focus on automation." Dilip Rao Manager, business technology

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