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Case Study: Austbrokers Countrywide

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"M-Files creates a centralised renewal list which is then given to the administration team. Those staff members can manage the vast majority of renewals that are routine, leaving only the exceptions for account managers to deal with. This is a better allocation of resources and means renewals can be processed faster." Cancellations and alterations to insurance policies also took up a significant amount of time for account managers who often tried to process policies themselves because it took too long for the administrative team to do it. Upstream created a form in M-Files that includes pre-filled data, which can then be allocated directly to the processing team, where it's actioned faster. The M-Files solution has also streamlined the cancellation process. When a client cancels a policy, Austbrokers Countr ywide requires the signatures of two directors to authorise the return of funds to that client. However, if the directors aren't in the office, getting their signatures on the physical document can take days. And the process of printing the forms and walking them to the desk of the appropriate person added extra time to the process. Dilip Rao said, "Austbrokers Countr ywide doesn't want to lose clients. However, if a client does elect to cancel their policy, it's essential to process it quickly and accurately to maximise the potential for that client to return to the business. Using M-Files, we built a new process that automates the workflow. M-Files digitalises and automates workflows that were previously manual, paper-based, and time-consuming for Austbrokers Countr ywide. For example, the team had been managing its lead generation and nurturing efforts using email and notebooks with handwritten notes. This made it impossible to streamline the process or manage it centrally. If an employee wasn't managing their leads effectively or left the business, those opportunities wouldn't be converted. Using M-Files, Upstream developed a workflow that manages leads centrally with notifications and escalations that ensure no opportunity goes unexplored. The business can manage staff performance against this information with escalation options that include copying a manager on missed opportunities. Dilip Rao said, "Keeping all leads and opportunities in a central location makes it easier to see what the pipeline looks like, allocate workloads to appropriate teams, and convert more opportunities to sales. Just by doing this, Austbrokers Countr ywide has seen a significant increase in conversion rates, which contributes to the key goal of growing the business without adding more staff members." THE RESULTS Streamlining and automating workflows has saved significant amounts of time for Austbrokers Countr ywide, and has made it easier for the business to convert its focus from administrative tasks to valuable client-focused interactions. Dilip Rao said, "Before M-Files, account managers managed renewals using paper-based lists. Renewals make up a massive proportion of account managers' tasks. Previously, they would print out reports from the business's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, then manually highlight and cross out clients as they worked their way through the list. This was time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone. It also meant that account managers were focused on repetitive, low-value work rather than on creating new opportunities. " B y us i ng M - F i l e s t o i n co r p o r at e t h e s e a u t o m at e d w o r k f l o w s i nt o i t s o p e r at i o ns , Aus t b r o ke r s Co u nt r y w i d e h a s b e e n a b l e t o m a ke s i g n i f i c a nt i n r o a ds t o w a r ds a c h i e v i ng i t s g o a l s of g r o w i ng t h e b us i n e s s w i t h o u t a d d i ng s t af f m e m b e r s a n d f o c us i ng o n h i g h - v a lu e c l i e nt i nt e r a c t i o ns . T h is f o c us o n a u t o m at i o n w i l l co nt i n u e i nt o t h e f u t u r e a s w e l o o k f o r n e w w ay s t o i m p r o v e t h e c us t o m e r j o u r n e y." D i l i p R a o Manager, B usiness Te chnolog y

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