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Case Study Development of new Fokker takes off thanks to M-Files informa on management For the past six years, aircra developer Netherlands Aircra Company b.v. (NAC) has been occupied with a new project to develop the new F-130: slightly longer than the Fokker 100, with new fuel-efficient engines and a new state-of-the-art cockpit. The documenta on surrounding this project, in combina on with already exis ng documenta on from the past, is intelligently managed and accessed via M-Files. Together with its partner GeONE, NAC has not only made all relevant informa on findable in an intelligent way, it will also soon be deploying Ar ficial Intelligence within M-Files. The Netherlands Aircra Company b.v., located at Schiphol-East, originated from the bankrupt Fokker estate. While Fokker Services obtained the maintenance rights, NAC holds the intellectual property rights of Fokker with regard to the (further) development of new aircra based on the Fokker 100. Juriaan Kellermann, managing director NAC: 'This F-130 will be the best aircra in its class if we take it into produc on. This year, we hope to reach the stage where the digital design is ready, where we have made agreements with the main suppliers regarding engines and systems, and a er that we will start the programme to get the aircra cer fied. And then, in about five years, a new F-130 will "roll off the produc on line" in the Netherlands. Ul mately, the idea is to produce about 75 of these aircra per year.' ICT upgrade Kellermann joined the ranks of the NAC some four years ago. 'Fokker went bankrupt (partly) due to trailing behind in ICT. I was asked – now some 20 years later – to sort out this ICT and bring it up to date. Ini ally, a lot of me was required to analyse the processes and informa on flows. COMPANY THE NETHERLANDS ON-PREMISES DEPLOYMENT WHY M-FILES? LOCATION AEROSPACE INDUSTRY DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT DOCUMENT CONTROL COMPLIANCE

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