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Case Study machinemonitor® achieves me savings and streamlined project management with M-Files machinemonitor® assists clients throughout the en re lifecycle of their electrical engineering assets. It works with large companies to ensure they leverage maximum asset life of business-cri cal machines. This includes all stages of the asset lifecycle, including design, procurement, installa on, tes ng, opera on, repair and overhaul, and reliability and risk analysis. machinemonitor® gives businesses the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their assets. Its clients include RioTinto, BHP Billiton, Caltex, Santos, AGL, Woodside, and more. Finding documents was me consuming machinemonitor® relies on extensive documenta on to manage its clients' assets effec vely. However, this process was fragmented and inefficient because even though the business had strict Quality Assurance procedures it was reliant on the individual employees to follow the naming conven on and filing guidelines. Team members didn't always follow these, and were confused about where to save documents. Because different team members used different logic, there was no clear document or version control so it was me-consuming and frustra ng to find documents. It could take users up to 20 clicks to find what they were looking for, introducing an unacceptable level of inefficiency to the business. Barb Moulton, sales and marke ng manager with machinemonitor®, said, "As an engineering company, accuracy and traceability are very important to machinemonitor®. The assets we work with in our clients businesses are absolutely cri cal in these businesses. If they fail or have unplanned down me, it can result in millions of dollars in losses daily. It's therefore crucial for us to have version control, current informa on to hand, and the confidence that we're dealing with that latest informa on when providing advice to clients." COMPANY AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND ON-PREMISE DEPLOYMENT WHY M-FILES? LOCATION ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - ASSET MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT machinemonitor® PARTNER ASSET MANAGEMENT

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