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Case Study countplus one Streamlines Business Processes for Be er Client Service with M-Files countplus one is an award-winning accoun ng, financial planning and business finance firm dedicated to excep onal client service and experience. Part of the Countplus na onal network, countplus one has more than 50 staff members across five loca ons in Sydney. Providing integrated services that incorporate the exper se of accoun ng, financial planning, audit, lending and leasing allows countplus one to deliver a wide array of services to clients through one touchpoint. The need for solu ons that align all prac ces and processes to be er serve clients and retain a compe ve edge is paramount. The Search for an Enterprise Content Management Solu on countplus one recognized its approach to managing documents and other company informa on was cumbersome and an quated. Documents were stored in network folders on a server that was not accessible to all offices, which resulted in discrepancies in how documents were stored in different loca ons and the prolifera on of informa on silos across the enterprise. To address this challenge, countplus one realized it needed to migrate to a cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) solu on that would be er meet its needs and requirements. "The most important part of our search for a new ECM solu on was securing buy-in from all departments. If we didn't have buy-in, the solu on we selected would not be successful, and we would be right back where we started," said Alexandra Inman, Accountant at countplus one. "There was a lot of discussion around what the so ware requirements and needs were for admins, accoun ng and financial partners to seamlessly work together." COMPANY AUSTRALIA DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT CLOUD DEPLOYMENT WHY M-FILES? LOCATION FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY SEARCHABILITY ACCOUNTING, FINANCIAL PLANNING & FINANCE BUSINESS BUSINESS

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