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Case Study More Efficient, Accurate and Secure Document Management at Berggren Thanks to M-Files® Founded in 1936, Berggren Oy Ab is a full-service IP (intellectual property) house providing services for the en re IP life cycle. Its services include protec ng and commercializing innova ons, brands, and designs, rendering contracts, as well as solving IP rights (IPR) conflicts. The company also helps its clients recognize the IPR situa ons in their opera on environments and improve IPR management. The company and its subsidiaries currently employs nearly 160 IPR experts who manage global projects across all sectors. The company's vast client base is made up of public companies, well-known consumer brands, fashion houses, start-ups in various sectors, and other R&D-intensive organiza ons. Taking Control of Document-Based Patent Cases with M-Files Companies specializing in IPR can generate hundreds of documents every day, ranging from patent applica ons to various a achments and drawings. The massive amount of documenta on at Berggren has been managed with M-Files since 2007. Since then, the number of documents managed within M-Files has reached over 2.3 million – and there's no end in sight. "Managing such a volume of documents with tradi onal network drive folders would be extremely slow, arduous and error-prone. And considering the nature of our business, confiden ality and security are always important considera ons – we have to be able to make sure that the documents are stored securely and that, even within our organiza on, only authorized personnel can access them," says Berggren Service Manager Mikko Pippuri. COMPANY FINLAND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ON-PREMISES DEPLOYMENT WHY M-FILES? LOCATION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR) SERVICES INDUSTRY PROCESS MANAGEMENT BUSINESS ARCHIVING PROTECTING AND COMMERCIALIZING INNOVATIONS BRANDS AND DESIGNS DRAWING UP CONTRACTS SOLVING IPR CONFLICTS C O N T R A C T

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