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THEY SAID IT Kvika deployed M-Files in June 2010, and within three months the system was in use throughout the organiza on – a testament to how easy M-Files is to implement and how quickly users can become proficient. CRM Integra on with M-Files = Faster Loan Processing In addi on to delivering drama c gains in efficiency and produc vity by improving the way Kvika organizes and manages its documents, another reason the bank selected M-Files was because of its ability to easily integrate with its custom-built Customer Rela onship Management (CRM) system. The primary objec ve of integra ng M-Files with its CRM system was to accelerate loan processing between Kvika's front office, its loan department and its back office. This integra on has enabled staff members to get the documents they need in a more efficient manner, and required fewer phone calls and email interac ons. "The seamless integra on of M-Files with our CRM system has been very important," said Mr. Olafur A. Arthursson, So ware Engineer at Kvika, who managed the integra on of M-Files with the company's other systems. "With M-Files, our front office branches employees have direct access to ac ve files for each customer directly via the CRM system." Kvika's technical team has also found M-Files easy to maintain. The bank's so ware department programmed the integra on between M-Files and three banking systems – the CRM system, the loan system and the ID scanner system. "We've received great support from the M-Files sales and technical staff during integra on of the two systems, and there's been very li le need for maintenance by our IT team since the integra on," added Arthursson. Streamlined Audit and Regulatory Compliance Ac vi es Authorita ve supervision in the Icelandic banking sector is growing, and regulatory ins tu ons and agencies require Iceland-based banks to implement work processes that ensure reliability, comprehensiveness, authen city, integrity, traceability and accessibility of informa on and documents. With M-Files, Kvika has significantly reduced the me it spends on retrieving and delivering documents for periodic audits. "M-Files has proven to be very helpful in these efforts," said Bergsdo r. "The M-Files event log, search capabili es and permission control features have served as very important resources for our compliance and audit features." While Kvika has leveraged several of M-Files' core features, the organiza on realizes it has only scratched the surface in terms of what the system is capable of. The bank believes in the value of the simple document management solu on and intends to deploy it in other areas. "Other systems we looked at seemed to be much more costly, and would have taken longer to implement than M-Files. Our employees did not require formal training to become proficient with the system. It was easy to train our internal teams, and the M-Files staff was very responsive to our ques ons." Thorunn Bergsdo r Quality Manager, Kvika

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