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For more than half of a century, businesses in the Philadelphia tri-state area have come to rely on E. B. O'Reilly & Associates for hea ng, ven la on, and air condi oning (HVAC) installa on and service. A er serving in World War II, Edward O'Reilly founded the company bearing his name in 1954 and established the mo o that s ll guides the family business 50 years later: "Keep it simple, don't over-engineer the job, always return a phone message, and never give up on a problem." Such an approach to workmanship and customer care stands the test of me. However, other tradi onal methods – such as managing project documents in manila folders – were in desperate need of a modern and more reliable solu on. "We always have had tons and tons of paper around here," says David O'Brien, IT Administrator. "There were a lot of hands inside the various folders. Some things got misfiled or didn't get filed at all. It ran the whole gamut of problems associated with a paper filing system. We needed a way to better manage everything." The E.B. O'Reilly headquarters was somewhat typical of most of the construc on industry, which has tended to s ck with the tradi on of paper files longer than other offices. To handle the increasing volume of digital files from subcontractors and to mi gate the disorder that came with paper, managers looked for a digital solu on. "One of the biggest challenges we faced was that we have an older staff, some of whom do not have extensive computer experience. So we had to look for a document management system that was very easy to use and employed an interface that was rela vely simple." The M-Files solu on The office adopted a simple server based system called M-Files to manage documenta on associated with its installa on jobs, with the plan to phase the system in later for its service department. O'Brien says M-Files had an advantage over other document management packages since its func onality was seamlessly integrated into Windows Explorer and other common Microso Office products. Users went to the same places they did before when saving and retrieving documents. "One of the key features that we saw from M-Files was the look and feel," he says. "For the most part, the commands and interface were very close to what our employees are working on now [Windows]. There wasn't a huge learning curve for our staff. They don't get stuck, saying 'how do I run this?" New Tools: Established HVAC Contractor Upgrades Office with M-Files Success Story "Before M-Files, employees might have to look for a document in three or four possible folder locations. Now they find it no matter what category they choose first." -David O'Brein IT Administrator, E. B. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. M-Files Inc. 5050 Quorum Drive Suite 600 Dallas, TX 75254 Phone: 972-516-4210 Fax: 972-516-4211 M-Files Corporation Hatanpään valtatie 26 33100 Tampere Finland Phone: +358 3 3138 7500 Fax: +358 3 3138 7550 ©2012 by M-Files Inc. M-Files is a registered trademark of M-Files Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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