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When you have a massive flow of documents, what's needed is often not more time or more people, but a better strategy for electronic file handling. For example, in the main office of Budget Brake & Muffler Distributors, Ltd., a support staff of five handles all the documentation for 33 auto repair franchises that populate Western Canada. "Even though we are a small office, we have a ton of documents," explains Computer and Franchise Service Coordinator Barb Burns. "The head office is here in Vancouver for all of the locations. We are the largest independent brake and muffler automobile repair company in British Columbia; we have been for a couple of years now, and we're quite proud of it. With 33 owner- operators, you can imagine how much paperwork travels between the headquarters and the franchises." Burns and her fellow co-workers take careful record of all incoming and outgoing correspondence, and make sure all shops in the organization are up to date with necessary legal, insurance, and operations records as required. The big problem with Budget Brakes' digital file storage was simple enough, but its standard Windows workstations and server offered no simple solution. It was difficult to ascertain if files had been received, and if so, where, exactly, the items resided. Did brake shop #29 send in a renewal form? It doesn't appear on the server -- but perhaps it's in an email attachment? Or saved on a hard drive? According to Burns, this doubt led the main office to keep a handwritten log of everything received, from whom, and when. "Even though these records were kept on computer, everything was kept and tracked of manually," she says. "We had a master book where we wrote down file names and descriptions. Handwritten logs made sure we had a hard copy version of file locations, in case we couldn't find it on a digital search." The logbook was a very tedious way of tracking, Burns says, and only as effective as the weakest link. "If someone forgot to log a file name or didn't write it down correctly, then it became a bit of a nightmare to find that information. We were losing documents and had a hard time keeping track of information and finding it when we needed it. Basically, it was costing the company money and making us look inefficient." The straightforward approach of M-Files document management Burns knew there had to be an electronic file management solution for such a straightforward problem. But surprisingly few met all the company's needs. "I Handling a Large Document Load in a Small Office Franchise HQ finds success with M-Files document management Success Story "We had a very easy time installing M-Files. Migrating our legacy files to the new document management software was easy, too. After that, everyone picked up on it right away." -Barb Burns Computer and Franchise Service Coordinator, Budget Brake & Muffler M-Files Inc. 5050 Quorum Drive Suite 600 Dallas, TX 75254 Phone: 972-516-4210 Fax: 972-516-4211 M-Files Corporation Hatanpään valtatie 26 33100 Tampere Finland Phone: +358 3 3138 7500 Fax: +358 3 3138 7550 ©2012 by M-Files Inc. M-Files is a registered trademark of M-Files Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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