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"We use IT to develop the operations of the whole company," says Busi- ness Solutions Manager Petri Lauk- kanen, referring to the goals of the company's IT department. When a five-man design compa- ny grows into a group with a turnover of almost a hundred million, knowl- edge and information management becomes increasingly important. The operating models of the developing company must be constantly revised. Silent knowledge is not enough "Silent knowledge is not enough. In- stead, we have to be able to dig deep into our knowledge base. An incred- ible amount of experience-based knowledge is lost through retirees, but we must still be able to avoid repeat- ing the same mistakes." Raumaster has a long history as a user of Tieto's Lean System ERP so- lution. The development of the ERP system is considered a part of the de- velopment of the entire company. This results in harnessing technology to better serve the business. Laukkanen emphasises that you cannot force people to behave in the same way, but IT can still be used to guide people towards common oper- ating models. "Bytes will always be arranged in order sooner or later, but the real chal- lenge lies in making the system easy enough to use –and in how to teach users new operating models and make sure they follow them." Diversity sets challenges for information systems Raumaster's most important source of income is the energy industry. The company designs and manufactures handling and storage systems for soli d fuels. The pulp and paper indus- try forms another significant customer group for the company. Diverse operating models present challenges for information systems. In the product chain, Raumaster is sometimes a subcontractor for big system suppliers in the energy indus- try, while at other times, business is conducted directly with the end-cus- tomer. "Because of this, information sys- tems cannot be optimised for a single operating model." The subcontracting chain has played a significant role in Raumas- ter's operations throughout the com- pany's history. Subcontractors and consulting agencies are utilised throughout the supply process, from sales to installation and implementa- tion. "We are an engineering company that offers projects to customers on a turnkey basis, but subcontracting plays a part in all phases of produc- tion. Our operations emphasise pro- ject and subcontracting chain man- agement," says Laukkanen. Customer case: Raumaster For further information, please contact: Raumaster, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of handling and storage systems for solid fuels, emphasises project and outsourcing chain management in its operations. For Raumaster, IT is a tool for the long-term development of the company. "We use IT to guide people towards common operating models." Petri Laukkanen, Raumaster Raumaster Raumaster develops company operations over the long term with the help of IT

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