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Case Study: Tampere Adult Education Centre

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The Tampere Adult Educa on Centre (TAKK) is responsible for the administra on of 15,000 students and has more than 300 staff members that provide educa onal, financial, IT, secretary and property management services. In 2009, TAKK determined it needed to address one of its most pressing issues, which is a problem that is affec ng many organiza ons: content chaos. "We had different versions of documents that resided in many of our shared network drives, and this fragmented approach resulted in situa ons where our staff could not find the files they needed," according to Ilkka Niskanen, Informa on Service Manager at TAKK. "Our employees didn't know where relevant documents were stored, who had last modified them, or whether the version they found was indeed the most current one," he con nued. "The situa on was very challenging and it took a lot of our me to manage this issue." TAKK decided to address the problem by providing its employees with a solu on that centralized informa on storage, management and access. Of several solu ons evaluated, TAKK selected the M-Files enterprise content management system. When asked "Why M-Files?" Niskanen responded, "In addi on to seamless integra on with our back-office systems and Microso Office programs, the fact that the M-Files interface is based on Windows Explorer made it very easy to learn and use by our staff. When we realized how easy it was to work with the system due to the familiar user interface, we were able to make a decision very quickly." More efficient and effec ve document management with M-Files The deployment and rollout of the system occurred quickly, and in a few months, TAKK began training its employees. Since M-Files is based on the Windows interface, TAKK staff were able to get up to speed quickly on the ECM system since it u lized familiar "save as" opera ons and drag-and-drop func onality. In a mere six months a er choosing M-Files, the en re organiza on was using the solu on, and the use of network drives for storing and managing documents became a distant memory. "M-Files has considerably improved the manageability of our documents, and people can now find the precise informa on they're looking for much faster," case study Tampere Adult Educa on Centre (TAKK) leverages M-Files for centralized informa on management COMPANY INDUSTRY EDUCATION ON-PREMISE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT CONTRACT MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT EXPENSE REPORTING ADULT INSTRUCTION BUSINESS DEPLOYMENT WHY M-FILES? FINLAND LOCATION

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