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Case Study Keeping up with ISO 9001: Autopilot developer maintains high levels of efficiency with the flexible M-Files document management system The words "We are up!" announces a take-off at MicroPilot's 40-acre test facility, marking the successful conclusion of another round of product development. The phrase has also become a sort of mo o for the ceaseless innova on of the R&D team, which has propelled the avionics company into a leading posi on in the growing market for miniature UAV autopilots. MicroPilot's compact technology guides unmanned avia on flights with greater and greater sophis ca on with each new line of products. Its current line is now in opera on in over 600 military and commercial applica ons in 60 countries. In an effort to strengthen its offering, the Manitoba-based firm met the demands of this expanding global market by applying for Interna onal Standard Organiza on (ISO) 9001 cer fica on. Foreseeing new complexi es in documen ng processes and tes ng, President Howard Loewen sought out document management so ware that would keep the high levels of efficiency of the development team, despite the extra paperwork. "Most of what we do is so ware development. If you're at least half-serious about developing so ware, you need to have some sort of so ware revision control," he explains. "It just seemed natural that we would want to have a similar version control system for documents as part of our cer fica on." Because part of ISO 9001 standards deals with controlling documents, Loewen looked for a system that could track important files throughout the process with a complete history of edits, version numbers, and who made changes and when. "Because the instruc ons we use to test our autopilots are fairly cri cal, we want to know the history of them: what checklists we were using two years ago, as well as the checklists we are using now." COMPANY BUSINESS INDUSTRY LOCATION MANITOBA, CANADA MANUFACTURING UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (UAV) AUTOPILOTS WHY M-FILES? DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SECURE DOCUMENTATION WORKFLOW ACCESSIBILITY QUALITY MANAGEMENT

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