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Case Study Pharmaceu cal Startup Spans the Globe with Cloud Vault M-Files CloudVault on Windows Azure delivers the speed and control for 'office-less' opera ons Blaine Ah Yuk-Winters describes Lypanosys as a virtual company. As project manager, he is the only full- me employee of the small pharmaceu cal startup, where three directors oversee the development and approval of a new dermatology product. It's virtual in the sense that its opera ons are not fixed to any one geographic loca on. Manufacturing, preclinical, and clinical development ac vi es are spread across the US, Asia, and Australasia. Lypanosys seems like the sort of interna onal venture that cloud compu ng was invented for. And so far, the company has been able to make the cloud work: all of the company's documents reside on a hosted server and can be easily shared among the project par cipants. As a result, Lypanosys can operate virtually -- or one could say, "office-lessly." "We needed a solu on that would allow us to get all of our files in a cloud- based document management system to access wherever we are." He explains the company tried out two cloud-based systems. One was problema c and was abandoned a er two weeks due to issues with speed and an inefficient user interface. The second, M-Files Cloud Vault, was a success. COMPANY BUSINESS INDUSTRY LOCATION SINGAPORE PHARMACEUTICALS DERMATOLOGY DRUG DEVELOPMENT WHY M-FILES? DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT ACCESSIBILITY SCALABILITY VERSION CONTROL CLOUD DEPLOYMENT

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