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Founded in 1994, Newsec is the largest specialized commercial property firm in Northern Europe. The company manages more than 1,000 commercial proper es and provides services to most of the leading property owners, investors and corpora ons in the Nordic region. Commercial real estate is an informa on-intensive business, and numerous documents are managed for each property, such as leases, contracts, tenant informa on, building records and renewal le ers. Newsec was using internal network file folders to manage its massive collec on of documenta on, which was proving to be inefficient and ineffec ve. Newsec's staff was spending a significant amount of me searching for the current and correct versions of property files and records, and the process of ensuring the appropriate internal and external individuals were reviewing and approving documents was less than op mal. In 2009, the Finland-based division of Newsec embarked on a mission to select and deploy an enterprise content management (ECM) system to gain greater control over its commercial real estate documenta on and associated processes. Newsec found a solu on that was perfect for addressing its document management and workflow needs – M-Files. In a short me frame, Newsec deployed M-Files in their 200-person Finland-based office. Newsec consists of five separate business units (Capital Markets, Leasing, Asset & Property Management, Valua on & Advisory, Corporate Solu ons), and all five groups are using M-Files. M-Files simplifies project management, resource alloca on ac vi es The Valua on & Advisory group at Newsec is leveraging M-Files for project management and to improve its resource management and alloca on ac vi es. For example, Newsec u lizes M-Files in order to allocate its staff members to different projects, and tracks the specific workload percentage for each project an employee is working on. This enables Newsec's management team to quickly see and evaluate the current workload for each person, department, and project team. case study Largest commercial real estate firm in Northern Europe u lizes M-Files for project management COMPANY INDUSTRY COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE ON-PREMISE DOCUMENT CONTROL ASSET TRACKING PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BUSINESS DEPLOYMENT WHY M-FILES? FINLAND LOCATION

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