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case study COMPANY INDUSTRY ON-SITE COLLABORATION SECURITY FILE MANAGEMENT CORE ACTIVITIES ROLL-OUT WHY M-FILES? PRINCIPALITY OF ANDORA LOCATION € SRSI uses DMS as a lever to centralize its documenta on As an interna onal specialist in 'portage salarial' (umbrella company), SRSI wanted to improve its compe veness by op mizing its document management. Its managers were searching for an effec ve solu on that they could adapt to their business requirements. Sca ered all around the globe, SRSI's clients and employees are regularly brought together within the framework of business assignments which may last from a few days to several months. At the heart of these exchanges, SRSI handles all the hiring processes: employment contracts, employee management, insurance, employer-employee rela onship or specific requests. In addi on to providing specialist umbrella company services, SRSI also guides companies through the process of reloca ng their opera ons and is well-versed in all the steps required for a change of residency. Five people based in the Principality of Andorra are in charge of the administra ve management of about 300 employees who work with the company on a regular basis from anywhere in the world. From pay-slip to contract, approximately fi een documents are linked to each mission. And each month, the follow-up creates five more. As an interna onal temping agency, SRSI meets the specific needs of its clients who mostly work in the aeronau cs industry. The group creates, sends, shares, updates and stores almost 7,000 documents per year. Time-consuming file verifica on In 2008, the majority of the informa on processed was on paper but interac on was most o en carried out digitally or via a messenger. In order to put together a client file, each employee in charge of administra ve management carries out a certain task and stores the electronic documents on his/her worksta on, without using a specific methodology and without the other members of the team being able to consult this informa on directly. "Managing these processes was complex, progressing documents from one step to another required confirma on via email or simply verbal confirma on", explains Cécile Cappeau, Associate Director of SRSI. The me spent making sure that all the necessary documents are present in a file affects the company's produc vity. Obviously the company needs to hire people in order to deal with the growth of its business. It's clear: we op mize employees' working me by centralizing documenta on and HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT UMBRELLA COMPANY

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