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Case Study: Duret Immobilier

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case study COMPANY INDUSTRY ON-SITE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY CORE ACTIVITIES ROLL-OUT WHY M-FILES? FRANCE LOCATION Duret Immobilier ra onalizes and op mizes its document management By adop ng the M-Files solu on, not only has the Duret Immobilier Group found a way to speed up access to vital data for its opera ons, but it has also managed to unlock the poten al of digital technology for the company. For over 20 years, Duret Immobilier has developed its exper se in the property sector. As an urban center planner, developer, construc on company, lessor, property manager and credit counselor, this family-owned group brings together core ac vi es whose opera ons generate a large number of documents that are distributed over five regional sites. In 2009, the company's IT organiza on revolved around Windows, its file directories and a CRM providing a shared database of contacts to sales representa ves. Paper was used to process and store informa on, in hanging folders or archive boxes. Whether projects were in progress or completed, they always generated a large amount of documents. The ac ve files alone produced almost 10,000 documents a year. The company handled about five ac ve projects simultaneously and traded with approximately thirty suppliers per project. Not to men on the real estate specialist's internal correspondence and administra ve le ers, all of which were digi zed and saved in the worksta ons in different ways. Furthermore, confiden al data were stored in different paths, making it even more complex to access this informa on. Faster data exploita on As part of its development and growth strategy, the company had to process more and more projects and increase its efficiency. Managers immediately focused on document management. "It was vital for us to access informa on about our clients and suppliers, we couldn't se le for restric ve and me-consuming filing any longer, ul mately it wasn't efficient enough" explains Jérôme Duret, the project's Func onal Manager, of the Duret Immobilier Group."We decided to adopt a DMS solu on so that we can access informa on more quickly and save it more easily". In 2011, the company explored the market, made a list of the main DMS specialists and then conducted a PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PROPERTY DEVELOPER PROJECT MANAGEMENT DOCUMENT ORGANIZATION ACCESS RIGHTS MANAGEMENT PROCESS AUTOMATION

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