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"What really stood out about M-Files was its simplicity and ease of use. The seamless Microso integra on and familiar, intui ve user interface meant we were confident our staff could learn the system quickly with minimal disrup on" said Michael Nuernberger, Technical Manager at Bahlsen. With M-Files, informa on is managed based on "what" it is rather than "where" it is stored. This allowed Bahlsen to completely migrate away from complex folder structures; making informa on easier to find, share and manage across the organisa on. Simple yet powerful search capabili es and dynamic views allow employees to find and manage informa on in a way that suits them, rather than having to search through endless folders. Automa on and workflows lead to a more efficient workplace The UK team now uses M-Files across all departments to manage contracts, HR documents, customer records, product artwork and other business- cri cal informa on. Document review and approval processes, such as new product artwork or updates to company policies, were previously very manual and cumbersome. M-Files workflow func onality has enabled Bahlsen to automate and streamline these previously me-consuming processes. "The workflows in M-Files are really simple to create and have completely transformed the way we review and approve documents" said Nuernberger. "We have a large number of remote workers who are now able to review and approve documents while out of the office, and they can even access informa on while working offline." M-Files transforms collabora on and produc vity M-Files has significantly improved the way Bahlsen employees collaborate and communicate with other departments. Finding and sharing informa on across the organisa on is much quicker and easier now that there are no files and folders to si through. Staff members are able to work more produc vely because they are no longer was ng me searching for informa on or having to contact colleagues in other departments for help with finding documents. M-Files sophis cated yet simple permissions controls means that each department can retain control over important or sensi ve informa on, and ensure it can only be accessed by people with the correct authorisa on. THEY SAID IT "With M-Files, finding informa on and collabora ng with colleagues is so quick and easy. It saves vast amounts of me and allows us to work more efficiently." Michael Nuernberger Technical Manager, Bahlsen LLP

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