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Transfer and Store Genomics Data on AWS

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For more information on how AWS can help your organization with Genomics visit us at: © 2020, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Transfer & Store Genomics Data on AWS As genomics sequencing becomes less expensive, the volume and velocity of data increases, making it difficult for organizations to manage and store their data while still providing rapid and secure access for collaboration. Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables researchers to manage large-scale data coming off the sequencer that has out-paced the capacity of on-premises infrastructure. Transferring this large-scale data to the AWS Cloud delivers high-throughput data ingestion, cost-effective storage, secure access, and efficient searching to propel genomics research forward. The AWS 'Genomics Transfer & Store' program is geared toward helping life science, healthcare, and agriculture organizations optimize their genomics data transfer, future proof their data life cycle, minimize storage costs, and enable secure collaborations. Below is a common architecture pattern using HIPAA-eligible services which AWS customers are using to manage their genomic data in the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers HIPAA-eligible services that can help organizations: Factor of 1M 100M to 2B 1 zetta 2 – 40 Time and cost of genome sequencing reduced in 10 years 1 projected human genomes sequenced by 2025 projected genomic data acquisition in 2025 projected storage capacity needed by 2025 just for human genomes 2 Reduce Costs Reduce the overall cost of data storage by using appropriate storage classes and intelligent tiering in the cloud Realize Value Centralizing data accelerates your ability to catalog, search, process, and analyze your data to generate insights Collaborate Enable collaboration while securing data without the use of physical drives Secure Data Dependable transfer of data in the cloud via automated, efficient processing workflows for durable storage and disaster recovery bases/year exabytes 1 2

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