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16 Public • Speed in providing high volume of staff (see example from Italy and Belgium in healthcare sector) • To redeploy staff for operating industries • To upskill and retrain staff to (e.g. support healthcare or logistic needs) • Providing online training platforms for employees, clients and candidates (PowerYou, SkillSoft) • To secure safety and wellbeing of staff • Agility and flexibility to provide needed workforce • Provide tailored solutions • Collaborating with Universities and NGOs to support young graduates to find jobs and build in demand skills (Junior Achievement, local Universities • Guidance via dedicated microsite to keep employees to informed during the furlough (e.g. Marriott, Spain) • Support shift to remote working • Digital transformation • Support to implement innovative solutions (see example from Spain on Covid-19 testing robots) • Help desk for employees and candidates (NL) • Cybersecurity • Cloud and Infrastructure • Assessing and developing leaders able to navigate through the crisis • Launch of RightCoach, on-demand coaching • Programs/ workshops for employee's wellbeing / safely back to work / creating resilient workforce (UK) • Communicating effectively • Tailored outplacement programs (online delivery) • Restructure of workforce to reconsider how you align Talent with the current and future needs – Next Normal • Continuity to deliver TS services online via virtual solutions • Project RPO - as organizations move out of lockdowns precipitated by the COVID-19 crisis, we anticipate quick-volume hiring for permanent employees as markets open-up and organizations must react quickly to re-build talent pipelines • Launching Work My Way - building a community of freelancers during these uncertain times when more and more candidates are seeking flexibility. It is a platform heavily focussed on the candidate experience and maintaining a sticky link between our client and the talent community How our cross/brand offerings can support your SmartRestart

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