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Purpose • To become clear about the role and of leadership when communicating • To increase confidence and competence in communicating and handling reactions Objectives At the completion of this workshop you will be able to: • Develop a framework for use when communicating • Be familiar with Airbus's policies and processes to support key messages • Effectively handle a range of emotions and reactions • Fully appreciate the importance of detailed preparation • Clarify their role and understand Airbus'smessage • Practice delivering messages in a clear way • Increase their confidence in handling questions and answers • Recognize the effect on those who will be leaving the organization Content • Introduction • The Effects of Change – Model - Reactions - support • Core Conditions for Handling Change You are the organisation • Communication Filters • Delivering Key Messages - why prepare – framework – announcements and meetings – delivery skills – practice • Reactions and How to Respond – immediate and subsequent reactions – dealing with some common situations • Handling Q and A – official responses – common questions and careful responding • After Announcement Arrangements – sensitive arrangements – needs and expectations – consistency – handling leavers – looking after yourself Notification Training for Leaders - Half Day Programme Support for Managers Notification training for leaders - Provide leaders with the skills to conduct a notification meeting so that they are well prepared and feel confident. The purpose of the training: •Reduced trauma and difficulty for the separated individual •Fewer problems for the separating company •Perception by the staff member that he/she was treated humanely and with dignity •Fewer problems between the individual and leader during the meeting, which may allow a positive relationship to continue after the event

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