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Purpose • To become clear about the role of leadership during change • To increase confidence and competence in leading through times of change by understanding the process and exploring effective leadership tools and strategies Objectives At the completion of this workshop you will be able to: • Describe the business context within which the change is occurring • Articulate the role of leadership in during change • Describe the emotional journey typically associated with change • Adopt strategies and good practice to manage your own reaction and to lead others through the changes Content • Introduction - purpose – objectives – agenda – ground rules – activities – participation • Business Context – drivers for change – impact on Airbus – leaders critical role in driving change • Change awareness – alignment model and factors impacting Your response to change – change as a key driver for business success - models – activity • Strategies for managing Yourself through change - overview – learning from experiences – resilience (a key competence) - activities - control and influence – mindset – healthy and unhealthy thinking - Drains and taps – personal energy drains and supplies activity – support network – wellbeing – individual action planning • Strategies for leading your Team through change – leaders role in change – potential employee reactions – common phrases - • Communicating effectively during times of change – coaching approach – models – practice • Action planning – review – action planning – feedback and evaluation Change and Resilience - One Day Program Managers in Airbus will need to handle the communication and implementation of change, when change is directly impacting managers themselves. Coming to terms with change, taking a leadership role and supporting employees will have an impact on performance and overall success, personally and business. Communicating the business context and implications, while their own role may be changing, will test confidence, skills and personal resilience. Communicating difficult messages while engaging employees and monitoring performance, as well as thinking about their own future career, means managers have a challenging managerial task ahead. This programme will provide leaders with the techniques and confidence to lead during change combining change awareness, resilience and communication strategies and tools. The above can be split in to two half day events to meet business needs if required. Emphasis will be made on key aspects of the programme managers need most support with. In addition to our core suite of programmes, we offer a wide range of workshops to facilitate the transition process such as our 'Manager as Career Coach' programme which engages and equips managers with the critical skills to have courageous and meaningful career conversations with employees in an atmosphere of support and challenge. Managers will be able to help and support employees in making more informed career decisions and take a proactive approach to their own career mobility. This is available not only as a face to face programme but as a digital (live and elearning) solution too. Support for Managers

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