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The best lead scoring models balance who the consumer is (demographics) with the specific actions (behaviors) they took that signal intent with your brand. Models that only focus on demographics, and don't incorporate intent data, are missing a critical piece of the puzzle. Understanding the consumer's journey helps lead buyers: 1. Assign a value to each lead based on intent 2. Optimize lead treatment to minimize waste Jornaya can help. As an independent witness to over 200M consumer events per month across 30,000 web domains, Jornaya is with the consumer from the start of their journey, providing lead buyers with access to a whole new set of data and insights. Jornaya Predict complements the facts provided in our Intelligence solution, leveraging behavioral data, to help you better understand the impact of consumer intent through a custom predictive score. • A custom predictive model scores each consumer's likelihood to convert with you • Models can be optimized to any conversion milestone in your funnel • Leverage Jornaya's behavioral data to improve traditional lead-scoring models • Identify attributes across your consumers and our network that predict conversion • Query Jornaya to receive a real time score for each lead based on your model • Prioritize high intent leads to maximize the chance of conversion • Adjust contact strategies based on the Predict score to reduce waste • Dynamically price leads using the Predict score to optimize spend • Generate lift using the Jornaya Predict score on its own, or as part of current models • Identify over or under performing segments to determine next steps with partners • Leverage your Jornaya Intelligence data to answer questions about lead performance PREDICT LIKELIHOOD TO CONVERT SCORE LEADS IN REAL TIME IMPROVE PERFORMANCE Intuitively predict a consumer's likelihood to take action with you Contact Us to Learn More

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