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As a lead buyer, you may not know very much about the leads you're buying. The typical set of available lead data doesn't give details about how that lead was generated or what the consumer's behavior was prior to completing the lead. This makes it difficult for your brand to truly understand the value of each lead, and optimize lead performance for your business. Jornaya can help. As an independent witness to over 200M consumer events per month across 30,000 web domains, we are in a unique position to provide lead buyers with access to a whole new set of data; enabling you to gain transparency into the life of your leads, get a fuller view of consumer behavior, and ultimately help improve lead performance. • Increase lead transparency and performance with an enriched dataset for lead buyers • Know the facts about each lead based on Jornaya's presence at the original event • Unlock lead level data when your partners pass the LeadiD to query with Jornaya • Access real-time intelligence about lead seller behavior and consumer behavior • Evaluate over 50 data points for each LeadiD passed from your media partners • Improve operations and decision making with the Jornaya Intelligence dataset INCREASE LEAD TRANSPARENCY AND PERFORMANCE HELP ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT... Knowing the life of a lead drives better decisions The Life of the Lead: Lead Origin Where are my leads coming from? Lead Age Are my leads being sent in real time? Lead Velocity How many competitors received this lead before me? Consumer Behavior: Lead Duration How long did the consumer spend on the form while completing the lead? Device Frequency How active is this consumer in the market? Consumer Velocity How many times has this consumer filled out a lead form on another site? Contact Us to Learn More

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