Top Use Cases for Industrial IoT

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Getting started fast with industrial IoT applications The Internet of Things (IoT) emerged from the convergence of different technology trends. Thanks to broadband Internet becoming more widely available, the decreasing cost of connectivity, and more devices with Wi-Fi and sensors built in, industrial companies can create smart machines, connected equipment, and more. Currently, billions of devices are becoming connected and millions of developers are working on IoT projects. Analysts predict industrial IoT applications will make up 50% of total IoT spending by 2020.ยน IoT is also changing how industrial customers operate. IoT is driving the shift from mass production to mass customization and the move away from big upfront capital expenditures to pay-as-you-go pricing. The opportunities for industrial IoT applications are endless. This eBook explores how to get started faster and reviews common IoT use cases. When industrial companies get started building IoT applications, they are often concerned about data and device security, unexpected downtime, and onboarding legacy equipment. Getting the right security policies in place is challenging because IoT fleets are diverse, rapidly growing, long-lived, and geographically distributed. To further amplify security risks, many devices have a low-level of compute, memory, and storage capabilities, which limits opportunities for implementing security on devices. Unexpected downtime is also a concern. When operations are stalled or stop completely, revenue is lost and quotas are missed. Moving to IoT applications means devices must be connected to the cloud, but not all locations have high speed Internet at all times. Also, many industrial companies have made significant investments in operational technologies such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Operational technologies were designed and deployed to last a couple of decades, are deeply entrenched, and are very difficult to replace. (1) Winning in IoT: It's All About the Business Processes https://www.bcg.com/publications/2017/hardware-software-energy-environment-winning-in-iot-all-about-winning-processes.aspx

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