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NETSCOUT and AWS Technology Partners

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2 l NETSCOUT and AWS Technology Partners l N E T S C O U T Certified Competencies NETSCOUT collaborates with AWS to provide first-of-its-kind network traffic visibility through interoperability with a variety of AWS services and technologies. As a result of this deep collaboration, IT teams reduce time to results by efficiently and effectively assuring service performance before, during, and after cloud migration. Technology Alignment Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring Amazon VPC traffic mirroring functionality augments NETSCOUT solutions for AWS by offering an efficient way to acquire packet data and deliver actionable visibility across the hybrid cloud. Amazon VPC Ingress Routing Amazon VPC Ingress Routing can redirect the flow of traffic coming in and out of VPCs inline to security or packet-shaping virtual applications, which can now be effectively monitored through VPC traffic mirroring with the NETSCOUT platform. party-appliances/ AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB)* AWS GWLB delivers best of breed deep packet inspection (DPI) and security appliances in dedicated AWS VPCs with high availability, scalability while offering new packet acquisition vantage points for NETSCOUT to automatically discover all service dependencies and pinpoint the root cause of performance problems. Networking Competency AWS trusts NETSCOUT when it comes to specialized solutions for making connectivity easier and extending customer capabilities on AWS. Migration Competency AWS is confident that NETSCOUT helps enterprises acclerate moving applications to the AWS Cloud to reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security. AWS Wavelength Interoperable * Assure service delivery and ultra-low latency application performance using AWS Wavelength and NETSCOUT monitoring, troubleshooting for 5G deployments independent of infrastructure. * Interoperability testing is work-in-progress.

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