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Monitoring the Pulse of Precision Medicine

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Trend Brief MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence: Fast, flexible production management and execution for process and discrete manufacturing that connects your shop floor workers and delivers right-first-time results without the cost and complexity of a traditional MES. MasterControl Quality Excellence: Smart, dynamic enterprise, plant and supplier quality management that allows organizations to manage product quality, compliance and risk intelligently. MasterControl Insights: Modern data architecture and advanced analytics that allow manufacturers to turn product quality and operational data into a competitive advantage. 10 Conclusion Today, more than ever, precision medicine companies must continue evolving to stay competitive. Digital technology is impacting the way all life sciences organizations operate, and the adoption of digital tools is critical to the future of personalized medicine. Implementing practices that improve speed, agility and resilience will give leaders in the field an edge while elevating the sector as a whole. This requires scalable and proven solutions. MasterControl works closely with life sciences companies to accelerate digital transformation. Our cloud-based platform delivers applications that help organizations connect enterprise quality, shop floor production and supplier networks. It gives them the tools to increase visibility, improve decision-making and enable the operational agility manufacturers need to master change in a rapidly evolving market. Sources 1. "Post-Digital Technologies for Next-Generation Care," by Geoff Schmidt, Gro Blindheim, Jonathan Burr, Theo Forbath, Andy Greenberg and Sowmya Srinivasan, Accenture, September 2019. 2. "Untangling Clinical Data Integration," by Andrea Brückner, Martin F. Brunner, Karl Kugler, Kyle Janak and Josef El-Rayes, Accenture, July 2019. 3. "Five Key Trends in Precision Medicine and Personalised Healthcare," by Natasha Cowan, Blue Latitude Health / Pharma Phorum, December 2019. 4. "How to Embark on a Digital Transformation," by Sara Bresee, Manufacturing Business Technology, July 2020. 5. "Predicts 2020: Life Science CIOs Must Digitalize for Business Growth," by Andrew Stevens, Jeff Smith, Michael Shanler and Animesh Gandhi, Gartner Research, December 2019. 6. "Personalization and Standardization: Can We Have it All?," by Luis Lasalvia and Reto Merges, The Journal of Precision Medicine, June 2020. 7. "COVID-19: Post-Coronavirus Technology Trends," Accenture, June 2020. 8. "Precision Medicine: Opening the Aperture," by Jacob Aptekar, Nicholas Donoghoe, Edd Fleming, Meredith Reichert, Erika Stanzl and Kevin Webster, McKinsey & Company, February 2019. 9. "Cognitive Health Care in 2027," by Tom Davenport, Deloitte, September 2017. 10. "The New Wave of Innovation," by Tim Wright, Contract Pharma, June 2020. 11. "Challenges in the Personalized Medicine Supply Chain," by Kevin Hacker, Clarkston Consulting, May 2018. 12. "The Resilience Imperative for Medtech Supply Chains," by Mohammad Behnam, Tacy Foster, Tony Gambell and Shyam Karunakaran, McKinsey & Company, December 2020. 13. "Personalized Medicine at FDA: The Scope & Significance of Progress in 2019," Personalized Medicine Coalition, February 2020. 14. "The Personalized Medicine Report: Opportunity, Challenges, and the Future," Personalized Medicine Coalition, November 2020. 15. "The Challenge of Compliance in Life Sciences," by David Hodgson, Aditi Taylor and Karen Taylor, Deloitte, 2015. 16. "The Least Burdensome Provisions: Concept and Principles," U.S. Food & Drug Administration, February 2019. 17. "The Cloud Imperative in Life Sciences," by Stuart Henderson, Sanskriti Thakur, Geoff Schmidt, Brad Michel, Petra Jantzer and Aman Bajaaj, Accenture, December 2020. 18. "Precision Medicine: The Next Trend in Healthcare Innovation," by Anastasia Amoroso, J.P. Morgan, August 2020. © 2021 MasterControl Inc. All rights reserved. TBX XUSENLT–01/21

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