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February 2021

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Product News EMAIL: 1 Hard & Soft Landscaping Latest products and case studies Page 9 Hedge & Verge Mowers Jane Carley looks at remote and robotic solutions Pages 14-16 Page 17 Sweepers, Collectors, Blowers & Vacs The tools you need for the winter clean up L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w . l a n d s c a p e a n d a m e n i t y. c o m February 2021 Special Feature Play & Activity update READER ENQUIRY 4 In response to the latest national lockdown and the Government making clear it intends to maintain its "science first" approach in their decision- making process, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf has updated its "COVID-19 Secure Golf in the United Kingdom" paper to include greater evidence and rationale from leading experts to again make the case for the sport to make an early return. The updated document, titled "COVID-19 Secure Golf in the United Kingdom 2021", has been informed independently Headland Amenity have announced the introduction of a new granular version of their popular penetrant wetter Terafirm. Suitable for use in all fine and coarse turf situations, the Terafirm range improves the downward movement of water through the soil profile, helping to achieve a firmer playing surface. Terafirm is a non-phytotoxic soil penetrant, which works by reducing the surface tension of water to facilitate accelerated water movement and drainage. As a result, Terafirm also acts to speed up surface drying and When public playgrounds were closed in the first lockdown, it brought their 'essential' status sharply into focus. As the majority of UK children live in urban areas and 1 in 8 households have no outdoor space, millions were left with nowhere to play, and t h o s e f r o m d i s a d v a n t a g e d backgrounds were the most affected. COVID-19 secure golf paper Invest in public play spaces or children face 'perpetual lockdown' New Terafirm Granular from Headland Amenity A n d c u r r e n t l y , d e s p i t e Government guidelines to keep playgrounds open in lockdown, primarily for those families without gardens, some authorities are failing to do so plunging many families into despair. Unless we tackle playground closures, many children will stay in perpetual 'lockdown,' claims the Association of Play Industries. Children were being driven indoors long before official lockdown. The combined effects of the widespread closure of play spaces in recent years and the toxic lure of screens and technology, meant that increasingly, children were spending their time indoors, sedentary and alone. This year of lockdown after lockdown has profoundly compounded this effect. Chair of the API, Mark Hardy says: "This unique pause presents us with a rare opportunity to transform our children's lives through the power of outdoor play. "By re-imagining our public spaces, we can reverse the alarming decline in the number of public play spaces which has quietly been taking place, local authority by local authority. "We must put children at the heart of recovery. Playground closures are nothing short of catastrophic for children's mental health, fitness, development and overall wellbeing. "If we continue to fail to view communities from the perspective of children there will be more and more closed, neglected and often dangerous environments where there once stood a precious play space created exclusively with children in mind. "We welcome Sport England's new 10-year vision – Uniting the Movement – and in particular their 5 Big Issues," says Mark. "It's crucial now that we come together as a nation to ensure that everyone has equal access to the benefits of exercise and for children this means outdoor play. "We particularly welcome the strategy's focus on tackling and preventing inequality: community playgrounds are great levellers as open-to-all public spaces in which ALL children can play freely and safely." Association of Play Industries Enquiry 1 Robust steel edging and planters designed for high quality commercial and domestic projects. The professionals finish Five key issues: • Recover and reinvent – Place children at the heart of recovery by building a sustainable network of public play spaces. • Connecting Communities – Playgrounds are often the heart of the c o m m u n i t y , w h e r e parents, grandparents, neighbours and children from all walks of life go to meet. • Positive experiences for children and young people – Safe, challenging and stimulating play spaces give children the freedom to play, socialise and have fun in a space dedicated to them. • Connecting with health and wellbeing – Active children become active adults, giving them the lifelong joys and benefits of an active life. • Active environments – Local and accessible 'doorstep' playgrounds make it easier for all children to get active. open up pore space within the soil profile during dry down by improving natural soil contraction. The launch of Terafirm granular, in addition to the existing liquid formulation, means it can now be applied in even more areas and in different conditions than was previously the case. Containing the same active ingredient as in liquid Terafirm, use of the granular product is an effective alternative to spraying. Headland Amenity Enquiry 3 by epidemiologist and Principal Advisor on Physical Activity for Health to the four United Kingdom Chief Medical Officers, Professor Charlie Foster and Chief Medical Officer to the European Tour, Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Dr Andrew Murray. Professor Foster said golf can be played safely, and it should have a central role in the government's thinking when it comes to helping people exercise now and as we come out of pandemic restrictions. BIGGA Enquiry 2

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