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| 1 S O L U T I O N B R I E F All your data, all your users and all the insight you never thought possible Snowflake and Ma llion easily load, store and transform your mul tude of varying data sources to achieve a single source of truth in the cloud to drive your enterprise forward. All the insight from all your data Organiza ons are out to solve two main challenges: Ge ng access to exponen ally increasing amounts of varying data, and gaining insight from that data to deliver true innova on to serve their customers, streamline their businesses and lead their industries. Business users want to build ingenious analy cs use cases but they're unable to access all the data generated within and outside their enterprise. This is where tradi onal data pla orms fail today's data-driven enterprise. Snowflake and Ma llion deliver Snowflake's built-for-the-cloud data warehouse architecturally scales compute separate from storage to deliver a truly elas c, performant, flexible and affordable solu on. Ma llion delivers a highly-integrated data integra on tool, purpose-built for Snowflake, that loads and integrates structured and semi-structured data, transforming that data for organiza ons to derive insight. Modern mes demand modern solu ons The days of tapping a single data source to load into your legacy data warehouse are long gone. And tradi onal ETL tools and on-premises or "cloud-washed" data warehouses buckle under the volume, velocity and variety of data that today's enterprise generates and needs to make truly informed decisions. Ma llion and Snowflake were built for the cloud, and built for each other, so organiza ons can focus on capitalizing on their data, not managing it. C O N T I N U O U S L O A D I N G Extract and load data from a mul tude of data sources and transform that data inside Snowflake, elimina ng the delays of tradi onal ETL (extract, transform, load) products. M O D E R N C L O U D - B U I LT A R C H I T E C T U R E S Ma llion's ELT (extract, load, transform) data integra on solu on and Snowflake's cloud data warehouse harness the power of the cloud to easily load structured and semi-structured data. PAY A S Y O U G O Automa cally choose any amount of compu ng power to load, transform and integrate your data, and then scale down to avoid any unused resources. I N F I N I T E S C A L A B I L I T Y As Ma llion loads data, scale Snowflake up and down, independent of other workloads, to handle any size data file without impac ng performance. I N T U I T I V E U S E R E X P E R I E N C E Snowflake and Ma llion deliver browser-based, easy-to-learn solu ons that use ANSI compliant SQL that millions of users already know how to use. U P A N D R U N N I N G I N M I N U T E S Sign up immediately for Ma llion and Snowflake on AWS Marketplace, and start loading data within minutes thanks to our as-a-service offerings.

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