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The Axon Enterprise suite of solutions offers a smarter and more efficient set of deescalation and incident management tools for private security companies. Axon body-worn cameras, conductive energy weapons and the Axon digital evidence management platform are proven and rapidly evolving technologies that directly support and improve transparency, de- escalation and safety. Axon Enterprise solutions offer enhanced situational awareness and transparency, strong means of de-escalation and an easy way to manage and share data to mitigate the unique threats, risks and liabilities that exist for private security companies. Axon offers private security companies a smarter and more transparent way to protect and serve their customers. Conducted energy weapons provide a strong deterrent that often negates the need for force, and provides a non-lethal option when force is necessary. Body cameras negate any he says/she says situations and ensure guards are acting professionally. Our rugged, proven body-worn cameras have an error proof UI that requires minimal training and automates the capture and upload of data. When incidents become evidence: the Axon Evidence Platform ties you directly into one of the largest Law Enforcement platforms in the world and makes it easy to manage and share incidents. Respond can provide real-time situational awareness which can be very valuable for lone guard or nighttime situations. The Axon Network enables you to easily capture incidents, create a chain of custody, redact and transcribe videos, and share important incidents with the click of a button. The efficiency gains and elimination of manual tasks provided by Axon ensure private security organizations can spend less time on operations and more time on serving customer and growing the business. AXON ENTERPRISE FOR PRIVATE SECURITY—EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CLICK TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE AXON ENTERPRISE TEAM

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