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Understanding OPNFV

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Understanding OPNFV 111 module in order to evaluate performance for onboarded VNFs. VSPERF The virtual switch (such as OVS) is a major aspect of a VNF's performance, as measured by throughput, jitter, packets per second, and processing latency. For this reason, the VSPERF project measures the performance of the vSwitch and associated virtual and physical network ports. The project currently evaluates the performance of OVS, with and without DPDK, though the test project is agnostic of both the vSwitch implementation and the traffic generator. Performance is measured for paths such as: ● Port → vSwitch → Port ● Port → vSwitch → VNF → vSwitch → Port ● Port → vSwitch → VNF → vSwitch → VNF → vSwitch → Port Different test cases, based on a number of industry specifications and use cases, measure a variety of aspects such as forwarding rates, the impact of a noisy neighbor, datapath and control path coupling, CPU and memory utilization, and so on. VSPERF tests a vSwitch as if it were a physical switch and uses an external traffic generator, and is careful to ensure accuracy, consistency, stability and repeatability of tests across runs. VSPERF can be launched in standalone mode or through Yardstick. Cperf Cperf measures the performance of the SDN controller. It taps into the expertise of the upstream project's performance teams, such as the OpenDaylight Performance Group. The project runs a variety of performance tests, such as: ● Network scalability (for example, max switches, ports, links, and so on) with one controller node ● Cluster scalability (for example, max controllers) ● Network scalability (for example, max switches, ports, links, and so on) with a cluster of controller nodes ● Flow performance (for example, max flows/sec, packet latency, and so on) ● API performance (for example, Northbound, Southbound API latency, and so on) ● Datastore performance (for example, max reads/sec, writes/sec, and so on) Storperf Storperf measures the performance of external block storage. The goal of this project is to

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