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Understanding OPNFV

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Understanding OPNFV 134 Do you test against all OPNFV test suites? If yes, please provide results. If not, why not? What value have you created over and above an OPNFV integrated stack in terms of functionality or services? Does your internal process use continuous integration and testing? Has your stack passed the OPNFV compliance verification program (not available yet, but coming soon)? OPNFV and Technology Providers In addition to being useful to users, OPNFV is also beneficial to technology providers such as: ● Silicon vendors (CPU, NIC etc.) ● Server manufacturers ● Switch & bare metal switch vendors ● Storage vendors ● VNF, MANO, SDN controller, VIM vendors ● Operating System and hypervisor vendors Vendors creating products based on one of OPNFV's integrated stacks can shrink their schedules and reduce their effort by piggybacking on the efforts of the OPNFV community. Alternatively, vendors may choose to integrate their proprietary products with OPNFV. In these situations, OPNFV does not include proprietary products in their routine testing, but there is nothing to prevent technology providers from conducting their own testing with OPNFV by setting up a private Pharos-like lab and a CI pipeline to run specific test cases against a set of scenarios. Both the tests and scenarios can be enhanced to accommodate proprietary products. Another forum to test products is OPNFV plugfests, where all technologies and commercial products are welcome. In both cases above, the ROI for the vendor's project improves significantly. OPNFV and Individuals Just about every activity in OPNFV is open to individuals as well. Getting involved with OPNFV is a mechanism to build the skills required for your next job at absolutely no cost. Skills around NFV are difficult to find, and the demand will only grow with market growth and the emergence of new use cases such as 5G. Even if you are not a developer, you can help with documentation, prioritizing pain points, refining use cases, and much more.

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