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Understanding OPNFV

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Understanding OPNFV 24 The Architectural Framework is important because to enable multiple players to determine different portions of the architecture in which they're going to work, it's necessary to abstract and virtualize the various components so they can be decoupled. Once they have been decoupled, the ways in which they interface with each other can be determined and standardized. Even with the standardization, however, the actual task of establishing interoperability between the various components is an ongoing and complex task. NFV Terminology for Main Concepts Document This document is a repository for terms used within the other documents. The ISG hopes both that other groups will use their terms, and that they will contribute additional terminology to simplify conversations about NFV-related issues. NFV Proof of Concept Framework Document All of this theory means nothing without actual implementations to prove that it works. To that end, the ISG has also produced guidelines for those who wish to create Proofs of Concept (PoCs) based on the work it's produced. These guidelines include a proposal template, as well as requirements for who must participate. For example, a PoC must include at least two vendors and at least one network operator/service provider who is also a member of the NFV ISG. The purpose of these PoCs is to provide feedback about one or more interoperability or technical challenges that must be overcome for a fully-functional NFV ecosystem. NFV Requirements While it is easy to fixate on the positive aspects of NFV, there are also several requirements that must be solved before NFV can succeed. Some of the more important "carrier-grade" requirements are discussed below. Security Security is vital in today's world, where new threats are discovered every day, and cyber- espionage is a pervasive problem. That said, it's important to understand that the nature of virtualized infrastructure does bring with it additional security concerns that come with NFV. The NFV ISG Security Expert Group looked at the situation and came up with a list of 10 security concerns that are particular to

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