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Understanding OPNFV

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Understanding OPNFV 45 Starting the Journey The NFV transformation is still in early stages, but some best practices are available from users (for example see discussion by KPN and Deutsche Telekom at the SDN World Congress in 2016) . 1. Clearly articulate goals: It is important to focus on the right goals and communicate them internally for maximum support from the staff: A) Focus on freeing up resources for higher value functions rather than cost cutting. If the staff feels NFV threatens their jobs, they are less likely to be supportive. B) Focus on the benefits of NFV such as reduction in cost basis, increase in services, increase in customer base and increase in customer satisfaction rather than viewing NFV as cannibalizing current business. C) Communicate long- term vision in addition to short-term goals. D) Explain that NFV is not an optional activity. If you don't undergo NFV transformation, you run the risk of OTT competitors significantly disrupting your business. 2. Build skills organically: As we discussed earlier, there just aren't enough experts that you can hire, so you need to have a strong focus on building skills internally by pooling resources that are currently on different teams. Of course, these teams need to be supplemented with external skills as needed, while recognizing that there is no magic wand a vendor can wave. 3. Agile instead of big bang: With 4G and prior initiatives, it was not uncommon to let the specification be fully complete and then do a complete implementation. With NFV, you will need to adopt an agile philosophy without waiting for every little detail to be ironed out. Small things need to be tried out, corrected and evolved with time. 4. Pace your journey: As "cool" as model driven architectures, DevOps and cloud native VNFs might be, not every user has to make an immediate jump to these new technologies. In fact, several journeys are valid such as: Phase#1 Phase#2 Phase#3 Journey #1 Compute virtualization only Compute virtualization + SDN controller NFVI + SDN controller + VIM + MANO

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