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Understanding OPNFV

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Understanding OPNFV 69 Containers virtualize the operating system as opposed to the entire machine. As a result, containers are much lighter than virtual machines, but suffer from isolation and security issues by virtue of sharing a common kernel. As an aside, for this reason many users run containers inside virtual machines. Given their small footprint, containers are popular in cloud native micro-services-based software architectures. libvirt/ HostOS OPNFV supports Ubuntu, CentOS and SUSE as host operating systems that run the hypervisor. libvirt is a virtualization API to manage hypervisors running on the Host OS. It communicates with the VIM on one side and KVM or LXD on the other side. NFVI Storage According to the OpenStack user survey, Ceph is the most popular external block storage software used in OpenStack deployments. For this reason, Ceph is also integrated with OPNFV. Ceph is software defined storage that scales horizontally by adding storage servers. The software was open sourced by Red Hat, and now has contributors from Red Hat, ZTE, Mirantis, SUSE, XSky, Digiware and Intel. According to the official website: Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance,

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