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Understanding OPNFV

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Understanding OPNFV 72 ODP The OpenDataplane (ODP) project, supported by the Linaro Networking group and its 13 member companies, aims to create a set of standard cross-functional APIs for networking data plane acceleration. Hardware vendors love to create acceleration features such as security, switching offload, and others. However, no user wants to use proprietary features. ODP bridges this divide by providing APIs that applications can utilize in a standard way, and that vendors can adapt to their specific hardware acceleration features. NFVI Hardware OPNFV tests its software against proprietary and open source hardware based on both Intel® and ARM® architecture. One notable open source hardware project is Open Compute Platform (OCP). OCP is different from traditional open source software projects since it is all about hardware! OCP was started by Facebook to bring their efficiency, cost and power innovations to a broader community. This community designs compute servers, storage servers, networking equipment and entire racks in the open source. The telco working group within OCP specifically addresses the needs of telecom operators. The group has a new carrier grade 19" rack level system design that accommodates compute, storage, networking and GPU sleds. Out-of-Scope At this time, functional testing of VNFs, VNF integration or VNF development is out of scope; nevertheless, some tests do take advantage of open source VNFs such as the vIMS Clearwater project. Additionally, the OPNFV Samplevnf project aims to use sample open source VNFs, that mimic the behavior of real VNFs, for benchmarking and performance optimization. In the next chapter, we look at how OPNFV collects requirements for these various projects and influences them to get these features coded.

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