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Understanding OPNFV

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Understanding OPNFV 78 Models (Model- driven NFV) Different VNFMs use different techniques and data models. The goal of the Models project is to disseminate and promote convergence of information and/or data models pertaining to VNFM. Activities range from creating use case tests to comparing VNF packages for different VNFMs and fleshing out end-to-end lifecycles for services and VNFs. Finally, the project also acts as a liaison between OPNFV and other NFV standard bodies such as BBF, ETSI, MEF, OASIS, ONF, TM Forum, and so on. Multisite (Multi- site virtualized infrastructure) NFV use cases require that services span infrastructures that are distributed across geographical locations, more so than enterprise use cases. This creates new requirements for core OpenStack services such as Nova, Cinder, Neutron, Glance, Ceilometer and Keystone in areas of network management across sites, multi-site image replication, global and per-site quota management, and so on. This project documents these requirements and influences various upstream projects. Multisite integrates with OpenStack Kingbird (Centralized service for multi-region deployments) and OpenStack Tricircle (Networking automation across Neutron in multi-region deployments). In the OpenStack Ocata release, cells v2 in Nova makes it easier to scale and have multiple compute environments managed together. Multisite is also the magic that enables, for example, a 99.999% available service on infrastructure that is only 99.9% available. By having a service straddle availability zones or even geographic regions, a service can meet carrier grade requirements. Promise (Resource management) There are situations when the MANO layer might want to reserve compute, storage and network resources for a certain duration of time. Before this project, OpenStack had no such mechanism. The OPNFV Promise project solved this gap by helping create the Blazar (reservation-as-a-service) project in OpenStack.

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