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Understanding OPNFV

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Understanding OPNFV 98 Scenarios are a particular combination of components, along with their configuration. It is impractical to try out every possible combination, so the OPNFV community deploys and tests the highest priority scenarios, based on community interest and end user feedback (e.g. from the End User Advisory Group – EUAG). For the Danube release, there are 55 scenarios. This versatility of OPNFV provides users with the confidence of choosing from a number of pre-tested combinations of upstream projects that suit their requirements. The number of scenarios has been climbing over time, as shown below. Number of Scenarios by Release 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Ar n o B r a h m a p u t r a C o l o r a d o D a n u b e In addition to providing choices for different layers of the NFV stack, OPNFV also provides choice in the installer that deploys and configures the software. Diving a bit deeper, scenarios are labelled using the below notation. So, using the below key, os- odl _l 2-f di o- ha, Fuel means: OpenStack with ODL Layer2 SDN Controller and FD.io in High Availability mode installed by Fuel.

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