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Mirantis Delivers Open Source Stack for Mobile Data Offload

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MCP Edge automates the management and orchestration of all of the open source components that are essential to the edge cloud infrastructure. This includes Kubernetes, Calico, Ceph, and Virtlet, but also the numerous other software components that are available in an MCP Edge deployment such as Prometheus for monitoring Kubernetes clusters, Grafana for source analytics and graphing, and the Gerrit code collaboration tool. MCP Edge has more than 80 open source and software components that can be utilized in a cloud deployment.2 Integrating Magma by Facebook Connectivity Into MCP Edge Magma is an open source software platform and is designed to seamlessly integrate with the MNO's existing 4G evolved packet core (EPC) back end and extend its capabilities, making it possible to federate multiple wireless technologies into a single, existing mobile packet core of a service provider. With Magma running on MCP Edge infrastructure, MNOs can not only deploy containerized services and applications, they can also extend their cellular networks, federate services from other ISPs, and launch new Wi-Fi services. For example, one important use case enabled by Magma running on MCP Edge (see Figure 2) is offloading cellular traffic onto alternate wireless networks—primarily Wi-Fi, but also Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). Such capability makes it possible for MNOs to offload congested LTE networks by steering the cellular device connection between LTE and Wi-Fi with seamless handoff and no packet loss. Magma runs on an Intel® architecture-based server and includes the following components: • Access Gateway that provides network services and policy enforcement • Orchestrator that delivers a simple and consistent way to configure and monitor the wireless network securely • Federation Gateway that integrates the MNO's core network with Magma by using standard 3GPP interfaces to existing MNO components Together, these components provide a decentralized, virtualized EPC (see Figure 3), along with cloud native manageability to support ease of operations and low costs. The integrated mobile gateway supports cellular services, but MNOs can also add capacity and reach by using a Magma gateway provisioned for Wi-Fi and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). Deployments in South Asia A number of South Asian MNOs, with a combined 50 million subscribers, have chosen to deploy the MCP Edge with Magma solution. Data plans are a fast growing service offering for these MNOs, but this growth has caused a network congestion challenge due to a shortage of spectrum for these services. To maintain a high quality of service (QoS) for customers, the MNOs are exploring contracting with regional Wi-Fi providers to offload data traffic from the cellular network to the Wi-Fi network. The MNOs are trialing the use of MCP Edge with Magma to provide this seamless handover. With Magma, the MCP Edge servers support both 4G and Wi-Fi cores and are able to federate Wi-Fi into the wireless network core. Figure 1. MCP Edge logical diagram.1 Solution Brief | Mirantis Delivers Open Source Stack for Mobile Data Offload Figure 2. Offloading cellular traffic onto alternate wireless networks. 2

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