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Consistent Security Anywhere - Mirantis & Tigera

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© 2020 Mirantis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Information is subject to change. | www.mirantis.com Calico Enterprise Solution Details • Observe, manage, and secure ephemeral workloads. Calico Enterprise generates directional flow logs for all pods and host connections, making workload misbehavior easy to detect and issues easy to contain, even in dynamic environments. • Control interactions with external resources. Calico Enterprise enables fine-grained policy control within and outside of the cluster. • Implement zone-based security in Kubernetes environments. Calico Enterprise automates policy implementation, enabling maintenance of enterprise- grade three-zone security boundaries even within dynamic and rapidly-scaling Kubernetes environments. • Provide continuous compliance. Calico Enterprise maintains a fine-grained picture of your environment as it changes over time, keeping security policies in place, enabling deep forensic auditing, and proving compliance now and in the past. • Malware protection, Anomaly protection, SIEM integration. Calico Enterprise integrates with threat feeds, automatically blocks known bad actors, applies machine learning for sophisticated anomaly detection, and integrates with Security Information and Event Management for rapid, effectual response. Docker Enterprise - Secure by Default • CNCF Kubernetes Security Best-Practices Compliant - Docker Enterprise Kubernetes Service implements all Kubernetes project and CNCF best-practices recommendations for cluster security and access controls. • FIPS-140-2-compliant Container Runtime - Docker Enterprise as a whole is built on Docker Engine Enterprise, the only container orchestrator implementing NIST FIPS- 140-2 certificate encryption out of the box. • Docker Trusted Registry enables Image Scan/Sign/ Promotion - Docker Trusted Registry scans pushed images (as well as images mirrored f rom external repositories), exposes security issues, and prevents making untrusted images available for developer use. • Docker Content Trust - DCT prevents unsigned images, whatever their source, f rom executing on Docker Kubernetes Service or Swarm platforms. • LDAP/SAML Integration - Automatically provision teams, users, and fine-grained permissions, speeding onboarding while eliminating security holes caused by human error and misconfiguration. Comprehensive Support Docker Enterprise and Calico Enterprise are supported by Mirantis and Tigera under a collaborative support agreement, guaranteeing customer peace of mind. Mirantis is the fastest way to modern apps, providing containers-as- a-service at enterprise scale. The company uses a unique as-a-service model to deliver Kubernetes and related open source software, empowering developers to build, share and run their applications anywhere - f rom public cloud to hybrid cloud to the edge. Mirantis serves many of the world's leading enterprises, including Adobe, Cox Communications, DocuSign, Liberty Mutual, PayPal, Reliance Jio, Splunk, STC, Vodafone, and Volkswagen. Learn more at www.mirantis.com. Tigera are the creators and primary maintainers of Project Calico, an open-source container networking solution for secure connectivity within Kubernetes; and Calico Enterprise, which expands the capabilities and extends the scale of Calico. With Calico Enterprise you can manage network security, monitoring and troubleshooting for microservices running on multi-cluster, multi-cloud Kubernetes environments. US +1-650-963-9828 mirantis.com/contact EMEA emea@mirantis.com Japan +81-3-6635-6355 info.jp@mirantis.com China china@mirantis.com Webinar on Demand Learn how Docker Enterprise and Calico Enterprise integrate to help overcome real-world security and compliance challenges. bit.ly/mirantis-tigera-webinar

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