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Docker Enterprise with Calico Enterprise Consistent Security Anywhere © 2020 Mirantis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Information is subject to change. | www.mirantis.com Calico Enterprise adds 'Zero Trust' networking to 'Secure by Default' Docker Kubernetes Service, part of Docker Enterprise. You get consistent security everywhere, without loss of operational flexibility and agility. Introduction Containers and Kubernetes help enterprises build, share, and run software faster and automate IT operations. However, application and IT modernization efforts can create new security and access concerns: • Where's the real "network edge?" Highly-dynamic, complex, multi-cluster and multi-platform enterprise environments have fuzzy trust boundaries. Operators need to enable many kinds of access and authentication reliably, protecting critical resources and data without hindering agility. • Can you really trust any workload, service, or accessor? Container-oriented development, open source components, SaaS-based CI, public cloud services and other tools deliver speed, scale, and flexibility, but create new avenues of risk and potential vulnerability, and can make emergent security threats harder to contain. • Are your assets provably secure? High-complexity, automated operations with many ephemeral moving parts are inherently opaque. How can you continually audit, manage, and sustain trustworthy IT operations? Calico Enterprise Kubernetes (or Swarm) Workers Multiple Docker Enterprise Clusters FEDERATED SECURITY Any Infrastructure: Bare metal, private public cloud, edge Security Controls Access Controls Visibility & Troubleshooting Docker Universal Control Plane Docker Trusted Registry Docker Kubernetes Service Calico Enterprise is Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solution Docker Enterprise f rom Mirantis, with default Calico networking for Kubernetes, provides FIPS 140-2 compliant, OSCAL-auditable Kubernetes container orchestration, with integrated Docker Trusted Registry, automated vulnerability scanning and image signing. Calico Enterprise f rom Tigera wraps Docker Enterprise in a comprehensive, centrally-managed 'Zero Trust' network fabric, where granular security policies are automatically implemented for every workload, and traffic is continually monitored. Calico Enterprise integrates with your security tools to drive enhanced anomaly detection, enable speedy and effective threat response, and automate audit reporting to ensure and prove compliance. Use Cases Together, Docker Enterprise and Calico Enterprise provide defense-in-depth for platforms, workloads, users, data-in- motion, and -at-rest. Docker Kubernetes Service — Docker Enterprise's 'Secure by Default' Kubernetes implementation — enhanced with 'Zero Trust' network policy management f rom Calico Enterprise can benefit: • Government, military, finance, healthcare, and other sensitive and highly-regulated sectors seeking to modernize IT and lower operating costs while minimizing risks and maintaining verifiable compliance. • Large, high-tech enterprises (e.g., carriers, service providers, SaaS vendors) building complex multi-clouds to deliver mission-critical services — particularly to large, heterogeneous user populations. • Any enterprise building large-scale cloud-native applications with ephemeral components, and/or maintaining modern apps alongside legacy workloads.

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