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The Digital Transformation Imperative

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© 2020 Mirantis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Information is subject to change. | www.mirantis.com 6 Organizations may look at their legacy application portfolio and decide that almost every single app should be replaced, but it isn't a realistic endeavor -- especially as Windows Server 2008 or other platforms approach end-of-support. Replacing older applications with cloud-native technologies and microservices architectures may be the preferred option, but most organizations can only tackle a few application ref resh projects a year. And focusing only on complete redevelopment will cause organizations to fall behind as they wait for the resources to become available. The other path is modernizing existing applications. But refactoring and recoding existing applications piece by piece presents different challenges. Existing production applications often have narrow downtime windows, and have dependencies on older operating systems and platforms. Legacy Applications: Rewrite or Replace? "We looked at (Mirantis Kubernetes Engine) to mitigating some of our security risks with our legacy applications running on Windows 2008 and even 2000 and 2003. (Mirantis Kubernetes Engine) addressed our legacy application problem by giving us a platform to easily extract the application f rom the operating system." JASON BROWN IT PROGRAM MANAGER, HOSTING Challenge The wafer production systems were running on 25 year-old Unix servers. Applications were built on Java 1.3. The company wanted to expand production, but the existing platform couldn't support it. The monolithic application was f ragile and expensive to maintain, but taking it offline to update it meant lost revenue. Solution Containerize 230 application components with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise Universal Control Plane) to eliminate hardware and operating system dependencies. The company is continuing to modernize its inf rastructure, and has increased production almost 100 percent to 32,000 wafers per month.

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