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data sheet Features and benefits ■ High-resolution □ 3.7 m ■ Spectral diversity □ 8 Bands of SWIR information □ 1100-2400 nm ■ High radiometric response □ 14-bit digitization (up to 16,384 levels of gray scale) □ Discrete non-overlapping bands ■ Open systems □ Camera model information supplied □ Compatible with leading commercial soware providers □ Popular image file formats ■ Spacecra telemetry and camera model supplied with satellite imagery ■ Identify features and perform analysis that have not been possible before ■ Band optimized for the detection of features of greatest interest ■ Ideal for penetrating smoke, mapping minerals and identifying man-made features false-color swir image In addition to offering the highest resolution satellite imagery available today, WorldView-3 is the first commercial satellite to have eight high-resolution bands that capture information in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. WorldView-3 expands deeper into the infrared spectrum than any other commercial imaging satellite and provides rich data for precisely identifying and characterizing man-made and natural material, penetrating smoke and mapping minerals. The eight SWIR bands capture unique information for agriculture, forestry, mining/geology and other applications. Short-Wave Infrared Imagery SHORT-WAVE INFRARED IMAGERY

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