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Manufacturing Excellence™: ROI Overview

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Manufacturing Excellence ™ : ROI Overview Fast implementation, rapid return on investment and immediate impact. Unmatched time-to-value. As pressure mounts for manufacturers to find new ways to drive efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and increase production – digitization initiatives are a top priority. But unfortunately for many manufacturing organizations, new technology initiatives have become synonymous with long, complex and costly implementations that undermine confidence, slow adoption and scale-up and in the worst cases, cause costly disruptions to production. At MasterControl, we believe digitizing the shop floor should be fast, affordable, effective and scalable – even in highly regulated environments that require a fully validated system. Paperless in as fast as 1 month. Speed matters. MasterControl's Manufacturing Excellence™ is typically implemented in under six months for a single-site electronic batch record (EBR) or electronic device history record (eDHR) solution – including parallel pilot and system validation. By combining deep manufacturing expertise and a rapid deployment model with our highly configurable cloud-based platform, MasterControl has helped over 70 manufacturing customers complete almost 100,000 production records in the last two years. ROI Overview From paper-based to full eDHR in 4 weeks - Innovative Biotechnology Manufacturer Implemented QMS and EBR in 8 weeks - EEG/ECG Technology Manufacturer U.S. and China sites fully paperless in 6 months - Global Medical Imaging Manufacturer

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